I think the biggest difference between us and our competitors is that they can usually make the outside of the car look pretty, but they don’t address the damaged structural parts. Another one of the differences is most body shops won’t take off the necessary parts to paint your car the way the factory did when it was going down the assembly line. Some people could say it’s over kill, we think it’s just the correct way to fix a car. It’s some of these philosophies and our commitment to excellence that has kept us in business since 1928.

  • Warranty-work

    Our warranty

    I. We warrant our mechanical repairs to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. II. We warrant our refinishing work against defects as long as you own the vehicle...

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    Green Paint Supplier

    The move to waterborne refinish basecoat is an effective solution for lowering VOC emissions—improving air quality and our environment.