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Post-Collision Wheel Alignment

Normally, when your mechanic suggests a standard wheel alignment, it’s could be because your vehicle is pulling to one side, there is uneven tire tread wear, your steering wheel is crooked, or your wheels are vibrating.

But when you’ve been in a collision, of any severity, there is a higher than normal chance that your vehicle’s wheels will be thrown out of alignment. Because proper wheel alignment is so important, it’s part of the Alexander Body & Fender process to include wheel alignment as part of the auto body repair process.

Ask About Our Wheel Alignment Services

So many shops won’t inspect your wheel alignment. So, we encourage you to ask us about it! When your car is returned to you after an accident, you should check if its properly aligned by simply driving the car. As you’re driving, simply look at the steering wheel and check if it is straight while you’re driving straight. Do you feel it pulling to one side? Is the steering wheel crooked?

We also encourage our customers to speak with their insurance adjusters about their concerns. As the wheel misalignment was the result of an accident, you may want to fight with the insurance company to get this covered.

Schedule a Post-Collision Wheel Alignment

We use a state-of-the-art John Bean laser wheel alignment machine that allows us to put your vehicle back into factory specifications, using all 3 key measuring points: caster, camber and toe. If you’ve hit a pothole, jumped a curb or been in another accident that has damaged your alignment, give us a call today at (330) 376-8105 or schedule a estimate using the form below.

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Not every collision requires an estimate. The first step is generally to call us (330) 376-8105 as every insurance carrier has a different process. Our 90+ years of experience allows us to walk you through your unique process with expertise.

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