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Auto Frame Repair

Did you know that your car’s frame can sustain serious damage, even after a minor accident? Even if your vehicle appears to be mostly unscathed on the outside, unseen damage could be lurking underneath in the vehicle’s frame. The process of repairing structural damage to your car can be difficult and dangerous.

For all of those reasons, it’s critical to find an auto body shop with verified experience in frame repairs. At Alexander Body & Fender, it’s part of our Gold Standard best practice to remove every panel and inspect every part of your vehicle before we return it to you; this includes the vehicle frame.

Alexander Body & Fender Repairing a Vehicle's Frame

The Options for Vehicle Frame Repair

Auto Frame Straightening

Bringing metal back into alignment is no easy task. However, with the proper tools frame straightening is the ideal option for restoring your car to the same condition pre-accident. Using our state-of-art CAR-O-LINER computerized unibody and frame measuring equipment we can determine if there is any frame damage. Our technicians will use OEM specs to measure the degree of damage and then use the proper tools to make the repair. We’ll ensure there is no damage to the chassis and make repairs here if needed, as well.

Today most cars are built using Uni-body frames, that’s where the frame and the body are as one. Our highly skilled technicians, with the aid of our state-of-the-art computer measuring system, can return your vehicle back to original factory specifications. If it is determined that your frame section is bent beyond repair, most manufacturers sell frame portions that can be sectioned into your vehicle.

Auto Frame Welding

If a traditional frame straightening technique won’t get the job done, an alternative solution is to remove the bent portions of the frame and weld in new straight metal. It’s important to note that this can significantly reduce the structural integrity of the frame and this is not often our first choice.

If the Frame is Beyond Repair

Occasionally, a vehicle’s frame may be beyond repair and we may suggest simply scrapping the vehicle. This is only the case if we believe that the frame is so bent that it will never drive the same. In such a case, you’ll be cut a check from your insurance company for the estimated value of the car and hopefully this is enough to get you into a new vehicle.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate on Frame Repair

If you bring your vehicle to us for an auto body repair that is related to an accident, we are going to check the frame as well. It’s part of our best practice to repair ALL damage; not just damage that is seen. However, if you’ve had your vehicle repaired by another auto body shop after an accident and have noticed that it’s not driving properly, the car could have unseen damage to the frame. If that’s the case, we encourage you to call us today at (330) 376-8105 or contact us online.

Don’t let another week go by driving on a damage frame. In most cases, our experienced technicians can restore your frame to factory specifications so that you can enjoy a safe and smooth drive.

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