1. Estimate

The estimate is the first and most important step in the process. The more accurate the estimate, the more information we can get to you and to the insurance company that is handling the claim. We are available to write estimates during our hours of operation. This is where we would gather insurance information from the customer as well as take photos & document the damage on the vehicle. Once the estimate is complete, we can begin to process the claim with the insurance company. We will assist you with the insurance company any way we can. We can fax or email the estimate & photos to the insurance company, which ever they prefer. We can help set up the rental for you and have it here when you drop the car off for repairs. We will also give you an estimated time frame on how long your repairs will take. If you already have an estimate from your insurance company you don’t need to get another one. We will work with what they have wrote. And remember you DO NOT have to use their repair facility. It is a state law in Ohio that you can have your vehicle fixed wherever you want.

2. Disassembly

After your vehicle is completely disassembled we will contact the insurance company or customer, if the insurance company is not involved, if we find any additional damage or broken parts that were not visible during inspection. If we do find additional damage it may cause a delay in the repairs due to getting an approval from the insurance company, ordering additional parts that are needed, or making additional repairs. National average is 80% of the time additional damage is found. This process is called a supplement and is normal. These delays are not really delays, but rather expected for proper, professional repair.

3. Repair

After all the required replacement parts arrive, the body technician will begin the structural and cosmetic repair process. Using our state-of-art CAR-O-LINER computerized unibody and frame measuring equipment we can determine if there is any frame damage. If there is, the body technician will insure that your vehicles structural components meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications. All replacement body panels are pre-fit to insure everything is fitting properly. No paint will be applied until everything has been test fitted on your car.

4. Paint

Once your vehicle has passed our body tests we will begin prepping & priming for the application of the new paint. Then we will computer match your factory paint code for your specific vehicle. We are one of the very few body shops in the Akron area that use waterborne paint. It is a little more expensive on our end, but this is what the manufacturers are using when they painted your vehicle on the assembly line. This will insure the best color match for your vehicle.

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is that if we are painting a particular panel we will take everything apart on the exterior of that panel to insure proper adhesion (the way the factory did!). Many of our competitors will just mask off handles or moldings, which will lead to paint peeling down the road, not to mention when you go to sell or trade your car in many people will be able to tell the vehicle has been repaired and it could diminish the value of the vehicle.

5. Assembly

After the paint department is completely done with the refinish process, we start the reassembly of the vehicle. This is where all the electrical, plastic, glass and moldings will be reattached to your vehicle. Before your vehicle is moved to the detail department, a final fitting test is performed so that we can be sure everything is exactly where it is supposed to be and functioning to factory specifications. At this point, you will receive a pre-call to let you know that your car has moved to the final step of the repairs.

6. Finishing Touches

After the body technician signs off on the completion of your vehicle, it will be moved into our detail department. Every vehicle that is repaired at our facility receives a complimentary post-repair cleanup inside & out. We check fluids, bulbs, glass, check for service lights on the dash, and also check your tire pressure.

7. Finished!

After your vehicle is detailed, one of our management team members will inspect your vehicle and make sure we are completely happy with the repairs done to your vehicle. After we are 100% satisfied and it meets our “Gold Standard” we will call you and let you know your vehicle is ready for pick-up. We will remind you to bring in the insurance check or deductible, if applicable, and also let you know our hours of operations. If you have a car rental, you can leave it here when you pick up your car. We will notify the car rental company, and they will pick your rental car up at our shop. We stand behind our work 100% and we warranty our workmanship for the lifetime you own your vehicle.

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