At Alexander Body & Fender, we treat your vehicle with the professional care and expertise as a doctor caring for a patient. Just like a family wanting their loved one healthy and back home from the hospital, we strive to get your vehicle repaired and back to you in perfect condition.

Your Vehicle Is Our Patient

When it comes to auto body repairs, our experienced technicians take their job seriously. Your car is not just another vehicle to them but also a patient who needs their technical skills to get back on the road. Just as a surgeon uses years of study and training, as well as skilled hands to repair bodily trauma on a patient, so do our technicians use their skills to restore both visible and hidden damage to your vehicle.

When your vehicle needs frame repairs, we use state-of-the-art electronic measuring that can return your car’s frame to its original condition. Doctors specialize in different medical areas such as cardiology, urology and dermatology, to name a few. The same is true of auto body and mechanical repairs. We have expert mechanics, alignment specialists and body technicians that can repair all body and structural damage to your vehicle.

Types of Body Repairs That Bring Your Vehicle Back to New Condition

A few of the auto body repairs we take care of include dented bumper repair, deep paint scratches, bent frames, alignments and rear end damage repairs. Depending on the severity of vehicle damage, the cost for repairs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Compare this to a doctor who sets a broken arm to a surgeon who performs a triple bypass on a patient’s heart. The cost for the two procedures are dramatically different.

Insurance Companies and Auto Body Repair

If you think of your car as our patient, then consider your insurance company as the managed care for the treatment of your car’s damage. A health insurance company is concerned with the care of the patient and the cost of medical services. They mandate the type of care, tests, surgeries or other medical needs a patient can receive. The patient has no options for negotiation of costs or treatments.

If you have collision coverage, car insurance companies basically do the same thing, either offering a maximum cash payment up to the value of your car or sending an insurance adjuster to inspect the vehicle. The adjuster then determines the amount the insurance company will pay for repairs. The deductible is your responsibility and then your insurance policy covers any costs up to the policy limits.

Negotiate with Your Insurance Company

Many time the insurance company and the auto body shop disagree about the amount needed to repair the vehicle. Usually, an insurance company will negotiate with the body shop and owner to come to an agreement on the cost for repairs. After all, the insurance company want you to drive in a safe vehicle and usually takes the recommendations of the repair shop into consideration.

Pay for Auto Body Repairs Yourself

If the insurance company doesn’t agree with the body shop estimate, we are not obligated to follow the insurance company’s decision on what repairs to make to your car. You have a say in the matter, as well. You can opt to choose the repairs you want or pay for more repairs yourself.

Paying for smaller repairs makes sense when the cost is not much more than your deductible. For instance, if you have a $500 deductible and the auto bodywork costs $600, you might want to pay for the repair, rather than file a claim. Depending on your insurance company, filing a claim can increase your insurance rates.

When a family has a loved one in the hospital, the last thing they want to think about is what medical care their health insurance covers. They want the best medical care possible to get their loved one back home. Usually, the family never knows what medical costs are covered.

On the other hand, our only concern is getting your vehicle back to you in pristine condition. We are transparent and forthcoming about all costs related to the reconstruction of your vehicle. Since the cost of auto body repair isn’t even close to medical costs for a person, the owner of the vehicle has more options for payment.

When you need professional auto body repair, our team will treat you like family, giving your vehicle the care and attention it needs. We use our years of experience to provide you with reasonable pricing, high quality materials and modern technology for collision repair. We strive to work with your insurance company to handle your claim in a way that makes you and your insurance company happy. We may not be brain surgeons but repairing your vehicle is our top priority.

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