Not all paint is alike. Unfortunately, this is the hard lesson that many unsatisfied car owners have discovered after getting a bad paint job. High-quality paint and expert application are key to car painting that looks great and lasts a long time.

Find out more about why the quality of paint matters and the best practices for a great car paint finish following a collision or repair.

Importance of Paint in Protecting a Vehicle

Having your car repainted after an accident or repair doesn’t just serve to restore its shine. Paint is really the armor that protects the body and parts. Just think about it, this crucial layer is needed for all of the following reasons:

  • Protect the car body and parts from everyday wear.
  • Safeguard the vehicle from water, salt, chemicals, gravel and road debris.
  • Maintain or enhance the vehicle’s resale or trade-in value.
  • High-quality clears also protect against the sun and its harmful rays, whereas cheaper clears will eventually start to dull out and eventually peel.

Premium vehicle paints and clear coats are able to do these important jobs effectively and for a long time.

High-Quality Paint

We’ve just listed four solid reasons why the quality of car paint matters. Yet, not all paint used in the automotive industry ensures the best coverage and protection. Insurance companies pay a fixed amount, based on what has been fixed, to the collision shop hired. Unfortunately, many auto body shops buy lower quality paints in the hopes of boosting their own profit margins. They take advantage of the fact that only automotive professionals understand the difference in paint quality.

Since the insurance payment is the same for all collision shops, premium paints are actually an investment. Reliable repair shops use premium car paint because they care about giving customers optimal, long-lasting results.

At Alexander Body & Fender we only use the highest quality automotive paint. For years, we have relied on Sikkens brand paint. The company has been leading the industry for more than 225 years and is endorsed by all the major vehicle manufacturers. Sikkens premium products have high pigment ratios which allow us to get great results with fewer coats. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

Using Sikkens paints enables our shop to deliver sleek, durable, invisible complete paint jobs and repairs. Matching the complex, multi-layer paints of today requires expertise, skill and expensive technology. The same level of care is used with the 3M auto adhesives and sealants we utilize for a wide range of car repairs, which also have a lifetime warranty.

Why You Should Rely on Professional Car Painting

This really is a job that should be left up to the pros. Some car owners want to ‘do it yourself.’ For anything more than a small scratch, however, a trained professional will deliver the best results.

A reliable auto body shop has advanced equipment and experience that is vital for a difficult job, like painting. At our shop, we have invested in specialized equipment. We have a state-of-the-art mixing room with four-angle cameras to ensure a perfect color match. With two down-draft baking rooms, the final result is as close to a factory finish as possible. The vehicle is baked after the primers are applied. Then, after the final coat of clear is put on, we bake the complete car.

The benefits of having a reliable body shop paint the car, include:

  • Better trade-in and resale value,
  • Beauty and durability,
  • Expert finish and color matching,
  • Premium paints and sealants.

In short, hiring a certified technician will help ensure that your car looks great and improve its long-term value. Don’t trust a shop that promises to have your car ready in a day or two. Good, professional car painting takes time to complete. We know it’s hard to go about your regular life and business without your vehicle, but doing the job right requires time.

Find out more about our commitment to quality, known as the Alexander Body & Fender Gold Standard.

Your Car Deserves the Gold Standard

Quality is a huge point of pride for Alexander Body & Fender. We stand behind our work and provide a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship. We use premium paint, ensure professional application, and offer a transferable warranty that NOBODY in our market has. Why? Because we care about our vehicles and have extreme pride in our workmanship.

Alexander Body & Fender is a local family-owned company. Our founding principle comes from Proverbs verse 22:1 – “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” Profits are never our business goal; we believe in building a strong reputation through optimal customer service.

Find out why our customers have been satisfied with the high-quality work have delivered for more than 90 years. Call Alexander Body & Fender at (330) 376-8105 or contact us online.

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