Most car owners are aware that their car when new came with a warranty that would cover certain aspects of repair for the car. This would typically be for a certain number of years for certain parts of the car, but after the warranty period, a car owner would become the sole person responsible for costs of repair. This can be expensive over time, and that’s where NTLW Bureau comes in to offer car owners peace of mind. Think of it in similar terms to health insurance for you as many of the benefits of the National Transferable Lifetime Warranty are similar to those you see with your insurance but even better. You spend money on getting necessary repairs done to your car after an accident or another incident, and it’s nice to know that there is a protection plan in place.

Verified Auto Body Shops

There are a lot of mechanics and auto body shops out there, and depending on the size of your community, you may have access to quite a few. This should be a good thing, but it’s not always as not every auto body shop is created equally in the quality of service offered, the prices charged, or other aspects of business. Getting a warranty through the NTLW Bureau gives you more peace of mind that you’ve found a trusted auto body shop that’s going to provide you with high-quality service that is fair.

To be accepted as one of the verified auto body shops, a shop must meet specific guidelines set by the NTLW Bureau. These specifications are put into place as a protection for members. As a warranty company is only as good as the companies that they partner with it makes sense that only the cream of the crop will be able to say that they are a verified auto body shop being willing to open their practices to a third-party service. Therefore, your work is insured and bonded through the NTLW warranty.

National Coverage

No matter where you live now or move in the future, a warranty through the NTLW Bureau will move with you. There are auto body shops around the country that are verified shops through the NTLW Bureau’s network. This can offer peace of mind that you’ll always have access to a great shop to keep your car looking its best and running strong. Work that you have done on your car often has a warranty on it from the auto body shop that guarantees their work for a certain amount of time, but that means your warranty on that work is only from that particular place.

What happens if you move, they go out of business, or are bought out by a new business? Often, your warranty in these circumstances is no longer good, so you’re not protected in case something goes wrong with the work that was completed. With this warranty, you’ll be protected even if you move, the shop goes out of business, or changes hands where they are no longer a verified shop.

Lasts a Lifetime and Can Transfer

When you think lifetime, there’s a good chance that you’re thinking about your lifetime and how this warranty may not really last long enough. The truth is that your NTLW warranty will be good for your car’s lifetime. This means that if your car is around this lifetime warranty is in place. There are a few things in life worse than having something go wrong with an item under a warranty right after it expires, and this benefit ensures that won’t happen.

Not only does it have this excellent benefit, but the benefit doesn’t last only while you’re in possession of the car. Many warranties go with the person rather than the automobile, but in this case, the warranty will transfer to the new owner of the vehicle if you do sell it. This is particularly interesting when you consider the value added to your car with this benefit. Most cars lose value, and this is one way that you can improve on the value to be found by the buyer if you do decide to sell.

Ready to Use a Verified NTLW Bureau?

Alexander Body and Fender has gone through this strenuous process to become a part of the NTLW system to add another layer of value to our clients. We feel this is one of the best ways to continue to demonstrate that we take customer care seriously and ensure that your car is returned to the condition that it should be without cutting corners. A National Transferable Lifetime Warranty is just one more way that we can offer you complete peace of mind after going through whatever incident damaged your vehicle.

Contact us today with any questions that you may have about this warranty, our service, or to get an estimate on work needed for your car. We look forward to serving you.

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