We have a motto here at Alexander Body: “The Gold Standard since 1928.” Those 5 words are more than a tagline for us. They are the end-all and be-all of our business. They describe a collection of principles on which our business was built. And now, this way of business has become so ingrained with us that it has also morphed into a guarantee of service. When you come to Alexander Body, you’re working with specialists who hold themselves to the Gold Standard. What does this mean for you? It means that you also receive a final product that is as close to perfect as we can get.

While there is no body shop out there that can make perfect repairs, we feel like we come closer than most. Insurance companies used to call it pre-accident condition, but soon realized that this is nearly unattainable. However, it’s because of our extremes that we can get as close as humanly possible.

The Principles that Define Our Gold Standard

We Understand the Insurance Process

Your car is a reflection of who you are. For some, it defines your personality and is a huge source of pride. So, it makes sense that when your car is damaged, it leaves you distraught, mad, even frantic. Finding a place to have your car’s auto body repaired is a difficult task enough, right? And then there’s the ordeal of understanding your insurance policy.

At Alexander Body & Fender, we make it our job to help you understand your insurance policy. We’ll go step-by-step through your insurance and explain to you what’s covered. After being in business for 90 years, we’ve found that one of the keys to success is transparency and understanding. That’s why we make it our job to read, understand, and communicate your policy’s coverage benefits to you before we begin work on your vehicle.

We Arrange a Rental Car Service for You

Having to deal with the unexpected financial strain of auto body repairs can be stressful enough. And then just after you’ve figured out a plan for repair, it hits you: you don’t have a car for the time being. What should you do?

When you bring your car to Alexander Body & Fender, you don’t have to worry about this because Hertz and Enterprise rental car services come to our shop directly. We think ahead and make sure to match you up with a rental vehicle that is comparable to your current vehicle. If you drive an 8-passenger vehicle, we know you need that extra room. We go the extra step to make sure your rental vehicle is exactly what you need to keep your day-to-day life intact as your vehicle is in our repair shop. In fact, we call to confirm your appointment with us and we also follow up with the rental company to make sure they get you the best-fitting car.

We Look for – and Repair – Non-Obvious Damage

After a collision, not all damage to your vehicle is obvious. It’s easy to see the exterior damage, but many times there is more in-depth work that needs to be done to ensure that your vehicle is fixed – in full – the first time, and that no damage is missed.

When your car comes into our body shop, we make sure to get all the details of the collision. This allows us to get a big picture view of what assessment we need to complete. We look “under the hood” – literally and figuratively. We remove all necessary exterior panels to expose the parts underneath that really matter. If there’s damage, we’ll fix it. We feel somewhat like detectives, in that we simulate the accident in our minds in order to catch obvious and secondary damage. We also have an in-house mechanic who can find and fix any mechanical issues with your vehicle.

The bottom line is that we go beyond what the insurance company terms “minimal work” to guarantee that your car is running and looking like it did before. As much as we value our customers, we don’t want you to come back to us for the same problem several months down the line! That’s why we do things right, in full, the first time.

We Price Match OEM Parts

A lot of insurance policies require after-market parts to be used when repairing your vehicle after a collision. We’ll negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to get the right parts from the original manufacturer, if possible. These parts are called OEM parts. Due to our large purchasing power, we can negotiate with our suppliers to put factory OEM parts back on your car, even when insurance is only paying us for the aftermarket parts.

To get “The Gold Standard” we chose quality over standard profit margins. We don’t see value in using after-market parts. Often, these parts are mixed and matched and lower quality. They just don’t mesh with our standard of valuing high quality. We will make every effort to get the OEM parts that belong on your car, even when an insurance policy says they’ll only cover after-market parts.

We Use Premium Paint for Color Match

This is the big one. Using sub-par auto body paint is where so many auto body shops fall short. Not us. At Alexander Body & Fender, we use premium paint from Sikkens combined with our no-corners-cut paint process. Let’s talk about auto body paint first.

Why You Should Care What Kind of Paint an Auto Body Shop Uses on Your Vehicle

It may not seem like it, but vehicle paint is so much more important than you may think. It does much more than just make your car look good; it protects your car from dust, dirt, rust, and everyday wear. That is why we use premium Sikkens paints, which has earned OEM approvals for its color and durability standards. This first-class paint system has earned OEM approvals from an impressive list of automobile manufacturers.

Our No-Corners-Cut Paint Process

Not only do we use premium quality paint, but we use top-notch adhesive, abrasive and caulking products from 3M. 3M products set the standards when it comes to painting your car. We could use lower quality products to save on our overhead costs – we could buy paint and adhesives for a “third” of the costs – but then we wouldn’t be delivering on our promise of The Alexander Body & Fender Gold Standard.

We also have four angle cameras that we utilize to ensure that we get the proper color match. Once we have it, we’ll use our own paint mixing machine to mix the color. Finally, your vehicle will go through one of our two down-draft baking booths to ensure that our paint matches the factory finish as close as possible.

We Provide a Lifetime Warranty

The cherry on top of all of this? When you bring your car to Alexander Body & Fender, you have a full lifetime warranty on our workmanship that moves with you.

Making the Repair Process Simple for 90 Years

This year marks the 90th anniversary for Alexander Fender & Body. For a lifetime, we’ve had the privilege of serving the Akron community with our Gold Standard auto body repairs. From the day our doors opened, these are the principles that we’ve carried with us. These are our standards, and our standards are us.

Our first and foremost concern is earning your trust. We do that by fixing your vehicle correctly the first time, not cutting corners, being transparent, and treating you like family. The next time you find yourself in need of auto body repairs, we hope you’ll give us a call or use our online contact form to get in touch!

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A good name is more desirable than great riches;

to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.


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